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SPECTRUM provides an easy-to-use platform for the distribution and sharing of important program documentation and courses. Upon registration and login to SPECTRUM as an Associate User, you will have access to the documents and courses provided to you by your program. Through the course tracking capabilities available in SPECTRUM, you will also have the ability to track your progress and completion relative to each course you take, providing visibility and awareness of your training progress to program staff.

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Prescribing Controlled Drugs: Critical Issues and Common Pitfalls for Advanced Practice Nurses.

This course was developed by The Center for Professional Health at Vanderbilt to address the prescribing practices of nurse practitioners and physician assistants. This new course is guided by the current curriculum offered to physicians. The course will focus on nurse practitioners and physician assistants in their roles as prescribers in relation to different state regulatory rules that govern them. The course will provide current information on proper prescribing of controlled prescription drugs, identification of the drug seeking patient, diagnosis of substance abuse using SBIRT (screening, brief intervention and referral to treatment) and strategies to avoid risky prescribing behaviors.


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TnPAP is a program of the Tennessee Nurses Foundation. This program is funded under an agreement with the Tennessee Department of Health.

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